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Long shot

Hi, community. Google has failed me, as has the wayback machine. I don't suppose there's still a copy of Emily's Swallowed Hole lurking around the interwebs somewhere? I cannot watch Blood Brothers without reading it. It's a ritual.

A couple recs for your trouble:
Sins of The Father
By Ally
Independence Day, from the perspectives of Hank and Michael.

By Shelbecat
Post-Independence Day (are you sensing a theme?) Michael visits the trailer for a final time.

Many A Man Would Fall
By Mnemosyne
A post-Departure Maria/Kyle friendship fic with a cameo by Michael. I think this possibly the only Kyle fic I've ever read, even when they were more easily accessible.
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Please help me!

I am in desperate need of some complete, long, smutty Michael\Maria fics. If Maria in some way gets powers, bonus! Please help me guys, and give me a long list. She doesn't HAVE to get powers, it would just be cool. Please please please!
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Okay, so this is my first time posting here and I hope you can help me! I am looking for Sexual Education by Anais Nin. I read the first five parts, and couldn't find the rest. I hope it was finished. Also, I tried finding it on fanatics, but all the links were broken or just gone...........need to find out! Thanks!
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(no subject)

Hi, I'm new to this comm and I'm looking for a specific story.

I'm looking for "Inside My Heart" by Linda. Only the first part of it is posted on Crashdown, and I know it was all posted on Desert Dwellers (so sad that it's gone), so if anyone knows of another place it's archived on the net, I would be so grateful.

It's the story where Max and Liz meet as kids, Liz is an alien and her grandma found her in the desert. Max, Tess, and Isabel are all siblings and Michael is an adopted brother of Liz.

Please, please, please, I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I have looked through some of the back logs on here, but there a ton. I'll be working my way back through them, but I'm hoping that someone will just magically know where this is. =) 

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God bless the wayback machine

I've been rereading old fics that have probably been recced here before, but I figure they can't hurt to be plugged again.
Apparent failure by Elizabeth
"He longed for the popsicles they sold at school, even after he learned they were merely frozen sticks of sugar water. His childhood dreams were not filled with bikes or ponies or of Christmas presents too large to fit in the house. He would dream of a box of popsicles, the sound of the wrapper opening, the smell of sugar and fruit, of looking in the mirror and seeing a tongue made red from eating."

An Extra Smidgen of Insanity, by Aelida
Season 3. What if Max and Isabel hadn't survived?

Dry Denial, by Shana
Diane Evans POV. Must read.
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Roswell Fic Recs

Some of my ultimate favorite Roswell stories that I could still find online.. Some Michael/Maria, Max/Tess, Liz/Tess, Max/Liz/Tess, and a couple with a little bit of everyone.

Over at my Journal

I'm looking for some though.. I'm assuming the Roswell Elementary series is offline? :( Also there was one, where all the aliens left earth, only to change their mind and come back like a day later, only to realize that earth's time moves faster and 400 years had passed?
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(no subject)


The community is much like the other "land" communities out there (this one was inspire bywhedonland). It's an interactive community based off four shows on the WB [Charmed, Dawson's Creek, Roswell & Gilmore Girls.] There are four teams: team_charmed, team_dawson, team_gilmore and team_roswell. You will be placed in one of them and you and your teammates will have to gather points if you want to win!

To gather points you will compete in challenges like fic challenges or icon/graphic challenges as well as taking part in other games and puzzle challenges! It's a fun place to get together and socialize with other fans of the WB Shows

We are looking for Team Mods/Captains, if your interested in being one say so in your application!

GoHERE to apply for your team!
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(no subject)

Hi, Roswell com! I know I posted a few months ago in search of fics on ficorama (may it rest in peace). Well, since you guys were so resourceful, I was hoping you could recommend me some novel length Michael pieces that may still be around? I'm not a fan of AU, and I really enjoy fics that touch on his abuse, like Short term fix. I'm not crazy about original characters, but if they're well developed, I'll give them a shot. Thanks for any suggestions! I'll try to return the favor more.
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