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tongue tied and twisted

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Roswell Fanfiction Recs
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Roswell has been off the air for a long time, I know. But it is still a beloved fandom for some of us. With interest in Roswell waning, its harder and harder to find good fics. Here is a place to recommend them!

Two main types of posts are allowed here:

1) Looking for a story - ie "Im looking for this story where so and so gets arrested and has sex with Deputy Hanson" OR "i need some recs for good Michael stories"

2) normal story recs.

When reccing, please follow this template:

Title (direct link to story)
Author (name on lj if there is one + email address)
Author's site (if they have one)
Why recced (characterization? plot? cool setting? fun twist? whatever?)

Please, double check memories before reccing something. We're trying to keep repeats to a minimum.

For the record, obviously, no flames. If you dont like a certain ship or character, i dont care! head over to fanfic_hate and bitch over there!

No icon or graphics posts, please, there is plenty of other places for stuff like that. if you need to pimp another site or community, try and hook it into a rec too.

Please respond to others recs if possible!
"I really enjoyed this, thanks!"
"Had forgotten this story, whoo!"

Please also remember to feedback the author if you enjoyed the fic. writers LOVE feedback.

Some fic archives to pull from:

-Roswell Underground
-Belit's Planet
-Common Ground
-Resting Here with Me
-Babes in Roswell
-Guilty Pleasures

Your Friendly Mods:

aliaspiral is a long time roswell fan, and blames roswell for getting her into online fandom. as well as fanfic (reading and writing), slash, and porn. all its fault. so there. although alia has moved on to entirely too many other fandoms (gilmore girls, xmen movieverse, pitch black, harry potter), she holds a special squishy place in her heart for roswell fandom and especiall rosfic. so rec it for her.

regarding fic, alia has a major Candy problem, and will read anything with Michael or Maria in it. And i really do mean anything. With the exception of The Bad Ship, cause Michael and Liz is all kinds of wrong. generally recs candy, gazer, trimmer, some dreamer (if it mentions "destiny" or "soulmates" in any way but mocking, there is no way in hell), dupes, and the really really weird crap. in her opinion, pain and angst are good, but creepy and nightmarish is even better.

sirkpega is brand new to lj. alia made her sign up specifically so she could mod this. alia is evil like that. krispy is also a long time ros fan, and has a serious stalking problem with brendan fehr. krispy is also multifandom as well, with addictions to alias, stargate, and anything with vin diesel in it (which, oddly enough, she blames on alia. no clue why). and she will share the naked shower pic, if she can ever find one that goes down low enough. whoo!

krispy also admits to being a hard-core Candy, although she has more love for Michael than Maria. although, she would like to point out, she adores Maria. krispy is more selective in her reading, and recs primarily Candy. occasionally, other things catch her attention, but the possibility of The Fucking Horrifying Bad Ship, or Michael liking anyone other than Maria, traumatize her and scare her away from other things.

this community is alia's fault. please send all insults to her. and while you're at it, please send more recs.

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